The Fledge & Co. Harvest Update - 17 January 2019

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Fledge & Co. Steen Vineyard January 2019

We just love working with Leon Coetzee and Margaux Nel of The Fledge and Co. not just because they are young, wineloving, energetic and enthusiastic but because they have a great sense of humour, don't take themselves too seriously and just love experimenting. A little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll, this dynamic duo will see more than just the fruits of their labour in the vineyards this vintage - they are expecting this first child as well! 

The Fledge and Co. wines came out tops in recent Winemag competitions - the Fume Blanc bagging top honours for Wooded Sauvignon Blanc and the Vagabond in the White Blends report. They have a cracking range of Jikken Bareru (experimental barrel) wines available and a seriously delicious zero dosage 2014 MCC "Fizzy Water" well worth seeking out if you haven't tasted them. Leon and Margaux travel far and wide to bring their wines to life and we were fortunate to score the images here and the following update, in their own words:

The first week or so in January is always The Fledge & Co.'s "holiday week" - which has for the last half decade or so has entailed the traversing of the Boland, Swartland, Elgin & now Agulhas as well.  So after about 3000 odd kilometers, a few pies here 'n there & keeping our eyes peeled for the ever present Cape Cobras - we're quite glad to inform that although yields look smaller - though far better than 2018 & far exceeding expectations - potential quality looks superb & we're just really grateful to have the opportunity to craft another vintage of fine Cape wines thanks to our growers & their labourers dedicated hard work 'n effort.

We've just kicked off today with some Verdelho! So now it's off to work we go.
A few fast Fledge Facts:
Vintage 2019 - 38 vineyard sites, about 21 varieties & it'll be about 20 000 km of trucking over 12 weeks
How's mad is that? We wish them all the best for 2019 - bountiful harvest blessings, mother nature's full cooperation and guiding hand plus good vibes from the universe. And we look forward to sharing the fruits of the labour in these diverse vineyards with you too!
Fledge Harvest 2019 Kicks Off
Fledge 2019 Harvest Begins